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Teenage Girl Birthday Cake Ideas

Teenage Girl Birthday Cake IdeasWhen it comes to fussy, then teenage girls definitely take the cake. And choosing the right birthday cake for any Mom’s teenage daughter that will make her happy, is probably one of the hardest things a Mother has to do. Well, Mom, don’t fear, some fabulous Teenage Girl Birthday Cake Ideas are here:
• Your first choice you have to make is the actual cake ingredients. For example, if your teenage daughter loves ice cream cakes, you will have to whip up a special memorable ice cream cake for her. Or if she loves chocolate, that’s exactly what you, will have to bake.

• A nifty idea is to bake a cake that will tickle her taste buds as well as fancy by creating her favourite hobby, toy, hero, actor, character or sport into a cake masterpiece. There are many sweets available on the market today resembling sports equipment, famous people, musical notes, games, hobbies etc. So, use that to your full advantage to make your baking experience far easier and stress free by eliminating an icing sugar disaster. All you have to do then is ensure the shape of the cake suits the theme and sweets that you will be placing on top of the cake. You can even create a slumber party cake with beds, people, sweets, pillows and so much more.

• The majority of teenage girls these days all love cell phones, computers, mp3 players etc. If your teenage daughter love any of the above, bake a cake in the shape of a fancy phone or computer or mp3 player, draw the details on the cake with icing sugar and just add a whole lot of sparkle and style to it. That should do the trick.

• If your daughter loves sporting activities, why not opt for a cake that looks like a tennis racket, or a netball field, or a swimming pool?

At the end of the day all you need is a good idea if you’re going to use a bakery to bake the birthday cake, or a jolly good creative flair if you are baking it yourself.